Common kitchen sink problems

Kitchen sink spray wand leaking is a very common problem.  Whether you use your sprayer or not, it may be leaking. You won’t know it because it will leak in the cabinet below. It will not give an indication in your sink.

Most people store household cleaners under the sink.  Therefore, until the leak is quite substantial, it might go undetected. An occasional check behind stored items under the sink could prevent this problem.

Sometimes the kitchen faucet becomes clogged. The most likely problem is there’s an obstruction in the faucet.  To remedy this the aerator which is at the end of your faucet needs to be unscrewed and checked for solid particles. Let the water run without the aerator for a while.

You may also have a problem with a drippy faucet. This is most likely the washer in the faucet. It might take a professional for this problem.

A clogged drain is another kitchen sink issue, especially in a sink without a garbage disposal.  Water will not drain properly when pieces of food get stuck in the pipe below the sink.  This prevents proper draining.  A plunger or chemical drain cleaner might work to dislodge the obstruction.  If this doesn’t solve the problem, a professional should be called.

When it comes to a broken garbage disposal, it is best to try to reset the disposal by pushing the red button on the underside of the disposal.  If this doesn’t work, a licensed plumber should be called to repair or replace the disposal.  It is relatively simple to fix most kitchen sink plumbing problems.  Trying to fix a problem without the right tools and understanding of how the plumbing fixture works can make the problem worse by damaging it.



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