Termite Inspection

The Midwest is known for colonies of subterranean termites, powder post beetles, and dry wood termites. Termite/Wood Destroying Insect Inspections are recommended annually. These colonies move very quickly and can cause thousands of dollars of damage in a very short period of time.

Why should you book the inspection?

Our AA Marshall inspector will check along window sills and baseboards, and under all sinks on the interior of the home looking for signs of infestations. The inspector will crawl under the home via crawl space, view basement, or slab looking for wood destroying pests and their exit holes. Attics are inspected from the access opening only for signs of damage or infestations.

We will then prepare a NPMA-33 form with the results of our findings and recommendations. You will receive your report via email in 1 business day on all orders that have been paid and we have signed agreements on.

Termite Warranty

Because AA Marshall believes in going above and beyond for our clients, a FREE 6 Month Warranty Termite Warranty will be purchased on your behalf through Residential Warranty Service. This comes standard with your purchase of a Termite/Wood Destroying Organism Inspection.