Grill Safety

There are certain safety precautions to be followed when operating a barbecue grill for home and family safety. Propane grills can be an enormous fire hazard.

Here are some precautions recommended when using a propane grill:

Propane tanks should be stored outside away from the grill or other heat sources.  They should never be transported in the trunk of your car.

Be extremely careful when you have finished, making sure the gas is completely turned off. Even a small leak can cause a deadly explosion.

Check for damage to your tank before refilling it.

It is dangerous and illegal to use a barbecue grill with propane on balcony, terrace, or roof.

Propane tanks should be no more than 20 pounds on the property of a one or two-family home.

Check your connections before turning on the gas.

Open the grill lid before igniting your grill.  Propane can accumulate beneath a closed lid and explode.

When done using the grill turn off the gas first and then the controls.


Safety for charcoal grills:

Charcoal grills should never be used inside. CO is colorless and odorless and can accumulate without your knowledge.

Use barbecue starter to start the grill. Never add the fluid to an open flame. It can follow the fluids all the way back to the container in your hands.

Fluids should soak into the coals for a minute before igniting. This will allow any explosive vapors to dissipate.

There must be 10 feet of clearance and a water source when operating a charcoal grill on a terrace or balcony.

Use caution not to spill fluid on yourself.  Stand back when lighting the grill.

When cleaning the grill allow the ashes to completely cool first. Discard ashes in a metal container with a lid.

Charcoal should be no more than 2 inches when you’re filling the base of the grill.


Electric grill safety:

Do not use lighter fluid or other combustible materials.

If using an extension cord, make sure that it is rated the proper amperage.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


General safety recommendation for grill use:

Operate the grill in a safe area. This should be an area where children and pets won’t touch or bump it.

Keep the grill lighter away from children.

Don’t leave your grill unattended when in use.

There should always be a fire extinguisher or water hose available.

Cool the grill entirely when moving it or placing in storage.

Clean out the grease and other debris periodically

Grilling should be done on a flat surface when that cannot burn. You shouldn’t grill too close to any outbuildings, shrubs or trees.

You shouldn’t wear loose clothing which might catch on fire while you are grilling.

Long handled utensils and fire-resistant oven mitts are recommended.

Alcoholic beverages are flammable. They should be kept away from the grill.